"LearnLaunch Accelerator Announces Eighth Edtech Cohort"

"We are always amazed by our entrepreneurs’ ability to spot the areas where change is needed most,” said Tetyana Astashkina, General Partner, LearnLaunch Accelerator. “We are thrilled with this cohort. It is very diverse both in terms of geographies, but also in the range of edtech they represent: Early Ed, K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Edtech."

"Students learn STEM through new initiative"

"Innovative classrooms are playing a big role in helping students learn and prepare for the future.

Students at Coleman Middle School are seeing the benefits of innovation in the classroom through a new initiative called Just Learn

The 11-lesson plan brings nature into the classroom.

"Anytime you can engage the children, bring outside indoors, nature indoors, it's always exciting," their teacher, Sonya Hanks said.

UT Alumni Create Sustainable Fish Tank
"UT Alumni Create Sustainable Fish Tank"

“We’re testing the ability to implement these systems in classrooms for the purpose of teaching students through engagement and through inquiry and to foster interest and curiosity,” Serodio said. “We are in early talks with professors in the science wing to implement this system in the lab. That’s not confirmed, but it’s definitely one of our objectives: to wrap up this semester with a system in a university classroom...”

Students, Alumni Offer One Solution to Sustainability: Just Grow
"Students, Alumni Offer One Solution to Sustainability: Just Grow"

In 25 middle school classrooms in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, students have been caring for their Malawi prototypes with their teachers, who were selected from a list of more than 50 interested educators. The aim is to test the functionality of the systems along with utilizing the educational curriculum designed by the Just Grow team, which also includes a professional advisory board and a sister operation, the nonprofit organization Just Learn.


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