To plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow


We are confident that PlanetBox will engage students, that our curriculum will inspire teacher confidence and that connecting  learning to larger purposes will prepare a competitive generation of problem solvers.

We have worked hard with students, educators and administrators over the last few years to develop one of the most affordable and versatile educational tool in the market, designed to fuel innovation and critical thinking in the most pressing issues facing our time. With the ecosystem now refined, we're excited to continue expanding on our curriculum with add-ons, labs and a whole new digital interface, a lot of which will be rolled out for free during the 2019-2020 academic cycle.


PlanetBoxes are sold for $350 + shipping and you will receive special 1-1 customer support and professional development, as well as an operating manual with video tutorials for PlanetBox. If you're an educator, leave your info below and let's work together to take this opportunity to your school or district office

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