Bringing Engaging,
Future-Focused STEM
Education to All Learners.

A cutting edge hands-on living model of our planet with an integated curriculum and digital platform that fits into any learning space.

PlanetBox is an Ecosystem In A Box That
You Can Use For Teaching, Research,
and At-Home Experimentation

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We're developing curriculum aligned with standards created by the above organizations.

These logos do not represent an endorsement of JustLearn or Planet Box by the organizations

Teaching Ready- Integrated with Hundreds of Science Standards

You can ensure that students will learn everything they need to do great on their science exams. JustLearn works closely with curriculum leaders to offer alignment to science standards or locations

JustLearn Curriculum

Easy to Set Up and

We've designed the PlanetBox experience around an easy to follow aquaponics lifecycle, allowing you to plan ahead your year.

Guided tutorials and tasks help you meet different milestones in your journey to establish a healthy, thriving ecosystem

Engaging Education that Learners can Touch, See, and Interact With.

No more hunching over the text book, taking notes during a lecture. PlanetBox creates a social at-home or in-school learning environment that is more fun for educators and learners alike. Empower learner agency without the micro-management.

Unlock More With Digital Capabilities

JustLearn has built a growing digital platform, where you can track key insights about student participation and biological milestones, easily create standard-aligned curriculum plans, and integrate your learning management system.

Prepare your Workforce for the Future

Career Development for

Prepare students with applicable knowledge for the fastest growing job sectors in STEM.

Professional Development for Educators

Our team provides ongoing and personalized on-going education and support for educators in STEM and environmental science fields.

Includes an Accessible Digital Education for All Learners

Close the digital divide through learning remote or in-person with digital platform accessible to students, teachers, admins and parents

Make circular activities in your school more accessible to all through a welcoming learning environment.

Educators and Learners Love

“I would like to see these in every biology, environmental science and life science classrooms”

Tia Brown, Secondary Science Program Specialist, Marion County Public Schools

PlanetBox has become a valuable tool during discussions on the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, water reclamation, probiotics, hydroponics, and closed systems."

Donald Luikart, Elementary Science Teacher

“I love how many topics can be taught through this and in a visual hands-on way that totally engages students.”

Science Teacher

As a school with a rigorous academic program, PlanetBox has been a significant addition to our lower school curriculum. It supports our curriculum and engages the children.

Scott D. Laird, Headmaster, St. Mary's Episcopal Day School

Explore the Inner Workings of
Natural Systems

As a researcher who’s exploring the ways nature works, PlanetBox will give you an innovative platform for your experiments with easy-to-measure inputs and outputs.

Use our integrated dashboard to track
and analyze the data
from your PlanetBox.

Our testing materials make it quick and easy to conduct a wide variety of experiments.

(Coming Soon) Join our knowledge sharing platform to build on insights from other researchers around the world.

We Work WIth:

School administrators
seeking to increase standards aligned STEM
education in their schools and districts

Science teachers
looking for easily implemented learning tools
that keep students engaged and interested

Parents and educators
interested in incorporating more science
learning with their children

Researchers and university
students seeking a data-optimized tool to test
real world applications in a controlled living

Hobbyists and lifelong learners
excited to deepen their understanding of our
planet and ecosystem

Bring PlanetBox to your School or

Send us a message and we’ll chat about
how you can use PlanetBox to enrich your
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