Being an early stage EdTech startup means that we have a lot of learning to do, so we joined forces with community leaders, educators, scientists and technologists to pilot and develop our technology in K-12 classrooms and homes. We continue to focus on learning as much as we can about the education system and teacher's needs in order to ensure a great solution fit. 

Progress Timeline

Phase 6

Coming soon

2019 - 2020

Phase 5

In progress

Spring -Summer 2019

  • Attend the LearnLaunch EdTech accelerator program
  • Expand pilots to Massachusetts and Idaho
  • Begin production of video tuturials

Phase 4


Summer - December 2018

  • Attend the LearnLaunch EdTech accelerator program 
  • Order improved batch of PlanetBox inventory
  • Align our curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Prepare Spring 2019 pilots

Phase 3


August 2017 - May 2018

  • Scale to 30 classrooms in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties in Florida
  • Distribute PlanetBoxes with associated curriculum
  • Evaluate ecosystem and curriculum impact on learning environments
  • Improve customer support infrastructure and engineering design

Phase 2


June - July 2017

  • Organize curriculum development workshop to create the first version of our "Think Outside The Box" curricula
  • Recruit K-12 teachers to participate in Professional-Development workshops for Inquiry-based Instruction 
  • Edit and finalize sample set of lesson plans for K-12 STEM topics that connect standards to PlanetBox

Phase 1


January - May 2017

  • Recruit 5 teachers to introduce PlanetBox to their class
  • Monitor student and teacher interaction with PlanetBox
  • Understand curriculum needs to connect PlanetBox with STEM, NGSS and Inquiry-based instruction
  • Analyze teacher feedback on implementation, function and support
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